MIND BOXING is the non-physical, non-fighting aspect of a Martial Art.

Think of it as the software behind the hardware.

Software that is more effective and efficient when practised alongside the regular training as a stand-alone discipline.

Although essential and firmly planted within Martial Practice, MIND BOXING develops skill sets that readily transfer to other disciplines.

Even disciplines that have little or no connection to the Martial Arts.

Such as Sports, Gardening, Business, Life in general.

MIND BOXING is a powerful, genuine and transferable skill to explore and master Self-Development.

It helps deliver self-confidence, physical co-ordination, calmness under pressure, stress relief, increased physical energy, mental toughness.

MIND BOXING can be looked at as a type of Meditation that enables us to settle the ‘internal chaos’, silence the ‘internal critic’.

Physically MIND BOXING is a gentle practice that moves our body through its full range of motion moving through stillness to motion, tension to relaxation, sensing and understanding where and why they change place.

Learning to control the where, why and how of this transition space.

This is the path to Self Mastery in any activity.


The work of Mind Boxing is done as slowly and as easily as possible.

Slow is good, easy is good.

What we are after is… Awareness and feedback.


Do not be fooled by the name, the aims and methods are the same as in the beginning, the work is just a little bit more complex.

Awareness and feedback.


The work at this level revolves around genuine resistance.

But at its heart it is still the same.

Awareness and feedback.