Going forwards in the short to medium term will be very challenging for the collective Martial Arts community, not just Wing Chun, with such a major disruption to training some students will simply not return.

Especially when we consider that a situation could easily arise were by Schools will be forced to deny training to their students due to the number of restrictions.

Visitors will be out of the question.

Many M.A. Schools run more as a labour of love than a business, overheads are high and returns are low so the requirements of greatly restricted numbers will be a severe test for many schools.

Rent will become a real threat to existence and the shortage of available extra evenings will be crippling.

Here at Wing Chun Sydney, we train in the Studio at the rear of my home, I am my Landlord, that gives me much greater flexibility than many of my colleagues, I can easily open up on additional days if needs be.

For our community to get through this upcoming test as best we can the keyword needs to be FLEXIBILITY.

I have always run an open door here, people are welcome as a casual that visits once or twice a year or a semi-regular that turns up every couple of weeks so to a large extent I am capable of being lineage agnostic.

The type of training we are used to will be on hold for some weeks perhaps even months, direct physical contact will be very limited.

Things like Chi Sau and Hand Drills will be sidelined, most training will be focused on Pad work and the Forms, especially the Knives {Baat Cham Dao} and the Pole {Lok Dim Boon Kwan} which I am happy to teach to any person of any level of training.

It is all Wing Chun and all inter-related.

If you find yourself in a difficult position, perhaps just want some guidance or small help so that you have things to work on at home until things return to normal consider having a one on one lesson with me.

Better still if you have a friend or three in the same position let me put together a program just for you and your friends at a day and time of your choosing covering exactly what you want to work on.

During the immediate post COVID period, until normality resumes, I am reducing the cost of private training to $40.00 per session so that everyone can at least stay in touch with what we do.

Stay healthy.

Published by The "D" Man

Wing Chun Instructor and all around nice guy.

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