Wing Chun Sydney came into existence in 2010 prompted by the passing of the Wing Chun Master Jim Fung who the founding members trained under, our Principal Instructor, Derek Evans has over 55 years experience in Assorted Martial Arts, mainly Boxing, Judo and over 25 Years experience in WING CHUN KUNG FU, his training was supervised by the justifiably celebrated  Sifu Jim Fung and he ran a School for the I.W.C.A. in Sydney’s South Western Suburbs for over 12 years.

WING CHUN SYDNEY is primarily interested in teaching people how to deal with Antisocial Violence, the training is comprehensive but not overly physical, WING CHUN KUNG FU is a counter attacking style of Martial Art that utilises Body Mass over Strength, power is produced by understanding how to remain relaxed and use Kinetic Linking instead of Physical Effort.

WING CHUN SYDNEY does not cater for Children or younger adults, we do not host a “Little Dragons” class, all interested parties need to be 18 years of age before joining.



We train on Monday & Thursday Evening from 7pm through to 9pm, and once a basic understanding in our methods has been achieved Saturday mornings from 8am to 10 am at the purpose built Studio at the rear of my Home.

Private tuition is available 7 days a week from 7 am till 7 pm. Prior booking essential.


If you do not live within easy access to South Western Sydney  The “D” Man can come to you. I am available for Clinics and Workshops at your Club / School, please contact us to enquire about this.







Every July 1st there is a $40.00 Membership Fee. This gets you the LOVE of all other Club Members , a complimentary Club Tee Shirt on your first year, private lessons at $30.00, various member discounts and access to Members Only special events


We like to keep it simple so we adopt a pay as you play approach, the base cost is $25.00 per lesson, as a member if you train more than once a week all  classes later in the same week are discounted to $10.00 this is to encourage more frequent training.


Guests are welcome at any time and there is no restriction on how often you may visit,  $30.00 per lesson.

Mates Rates / Family.

If you bring a Friend or Family Member to train every time they pay their Fees you receive 25% discount, if you brought 4 Friends your own training would be free of charge.

UNIVERSITY Students Rate .

Students Basic rate is $20.00 per class, $10.00 for later same week class’, mates rates operates with this category. See above.

ONE ON ONE Private Tuition.


Private tuition is an undoubtably great way to move forwards, or to get over plateaus, but they are almost completely useless for beginners. The first few months of any new training is spent going over a few important aspects, the basics, again and again and again, before long it dawns on the student that they are paying big money for small results, and they give up, everyone looses. You lose money and I waste my time, the majority of my training is based in the  Chum Kiu Form, a basic understanding of the Siu Lim Tao form, and basic Chi Sau skills are required before I can help you.

One on One Lessons are held at the STUDIO for $80.00 per 1 Hour lesson. However if the Student wishes to make it a more ongoing study and train on a weekly basis,  the fee is reduced to $50.00 per lesson after the first 4 weeks.


When I was learning Golf I found that having my lessons recorded allowed me to go over the lesson again in my own time, this really allowed me to understand what my coach was trying to tell me and to see how close I was to his instruction, as a result of my own satisfaction with this method I now offer the opportunity to have any or all One on One lessons video recorded for an extra $25.00.  A link to a secure, password protected site that holds your Video’s will be sent so that you can review your material at any time you choose.

I do offer Private tuition beginner classes for groups . 2 to 4 students the rate is $50.00 per person dropping to $40.00 per person after 4 weeks.




At a place of your choosing for the addition of travel cost of $50.00 per Hour travelling time to and from your venue, minimum $100.00.

Corporate Training.

If you are interested in organising a Corporate Training Package I am more than happy to come and chat with you at you Office with the aim of Tailoring a Unique Course for you and your staff. It could be anything from a One Day Intensive covering Self Defence solutions and Postural Alignment through to a 12 week in depth study.

Please contact me with your enquiry.

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